Florida Immigrants on the network


The use of immigrants on the homosexual network in Florida.

It has come to our attention, that many immigrants are on this homosexual network; these immigrants are from various countries; Haiti, Europe, Latin countries etc.  It has also come to our attention that these immigrants on this network are paid, with U.S. Government money.  We suspect that, it is money from the stimulus program.

Several immigrants have admitted that they have received money from U.S. government workers to “watch”, “follow”, steal and possibly attack Americans. 

Since this is a homosexual network, the immigrant males on this network, tend to be homosexual.

Most of the immigrants on this network are illegal or have temporary visas; since they would like to become U.S. citizens, they usually do whatever the government worker tells them to do. They do not ask whether or not, what they are asked to do is legal.  They are not familiar with U.S. laws; also since they are illegal immigrants fleeing their country, they are accustomed to seeing government officials break laws.  Since this (homosexual network) is so widespread among immigrants here in South Florida and because they are being paidwith U.S. government money, they assume that what they are doing is accepted by the American people. Of course it is not.

We think, the immigrate involvement may have started as a way for the U.S. government to have South Florida immigrates monitor each other (if it has a legal origin) but over the years this program has morphed into something that is connected and being used by the homosexual network in South Florida. 


These individuals, on this network are given $400 cell phones, paid for with U.S. government money, they drive around in U.S. government fleet cars. Gas paid for with tax money.  They live in houses or apartments for free, paid for with U.S. government money.


Corrupt gov. workers on the network

Their method

Groups of them will move into a neighborhood or next door to someone; steal mail, ease drop on calls, learn as much as they can about the person. They will go through the government databases for personal information.  They will gather banking information, asset information etc.

This is their way of finding out, what they can steal or what fraud or scam they can commit.

 Then they start stealing.

When they are discovered or caught, they claim they were “doing an investigating” or that they were “concern” for the person.  Sometimes they claim that everyone is anti government and just make up stories about government workers.

These individuals on this network have been targeting women, men with families and business owners.

As horrible and unimaginable as this may be; we suspect that Americans are being robbed and murdered in their own country through the use of this network.

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