Information on Vector and ADT Security

Vector Security                                horrifying video of ADT investigation

2700 W. Cypress Creek Road, Suite C100
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33309

A Vector technician returning to a home where he installed a camera system and assisting in a break-in.  Read below

Here is how the camera system was supposed to work:  the camera was not connected to an onsite DVR, instead images were captured and sent to the email address of the customer’s choice.  The camera and recording system was a Honeywell system and the images captured by the camera are stored online on Honeywell’s (computer) server and Vector’s server.

After the system was installed by one of vector’s technicians it was tested many times during that day.  Every time there was movement in front of the camera, the camera captured the image of the object or person making the motion. The following day after the camera system was installed, I deliberately walked in front of the camera and I noticed that the image was not sent to my email. I called Vector, I spoke to the manager (who is no longer there) He was able to retrieve the images off of Vector’s server and send them to me via email,  immediately.

So it was, the way the system was designed, if for some reason images were not sent to my email, the emails would be on Vector and Honeywell’s servers.  The images were captured, (from my house), then the images were first sent to Vector and Honeywell, then sent to my email.  It was from their severs that the images were sent to my email.

Two days after the Vector camera system was installed, we had another break- in.  The images were not sent to my email.  I called Vector to have the images retrieved from their sever. The person who answered the phone for Vector said he was a technician. The manager I had spoken to, days earlier no longer worked there.  This Vector technician said he did not know how to retrieved the images from vector’s sever.  He actually asked me if I knew how his manager had retrieved the images.  Three days later he claimed that he could not retrieve the images because someone had gone into my account (which was password protected) and changed my account settings.  Only a technician working at Vector would have had access to my account.

Vector’ manager, Terri Monroe said they needed to check and make sure the camera was functioning on my end; he said he would send out one of his technicians. The technician he would send out was named David Hudson.  I also spoke to Vector’s secretary, while she was making the appointment; she also informed me that David Hudson had already been to my house SEVERAL TIMES before. I told her that she was mistaken because Vector technicians were at my house only on the day of installation; I had not requested any service since. No, she was certain “David has been to your house several times”.  When David Hudson (he was one of two technicians who were present on the day of installation) showed up I asked him how many times he had been to my house.  He answered “I don’t know”.  I asked him “have you been here more than once” Again he said he didn’t know.  From how Hudson answered my question, coupled with what Vector’s secretary said I suspected that Hudson, had assisted in breaking into my town house that explained why the system only malfunctioned during the break-ins.   See how these individuals are able to pick your door locks.

I mentioned all of this to Vector’s office manager, Terri Monroe. He claimed that it was just a misunderstanding, the cameras just happened to malfunction during break-ins and he wasn’t clear on why. The break-ins continue over the next few days, I called the manager to get the images, he said the images were not on the severs.   Then days later, without my consent; Vector suddenly cancelled my service. Without even notifying me. I assumed Monroe; the manager thought a lawsuit was eminent. 

ADT (authorized dealer: Protect your home Defender)

There are thousands of complaints against ADT.  Our experience with ADT has been the following:  A technician named Dennis installed our alarm system.  Dennis installed 4 sensors in our home and only activated 3.  The next day, after the alarm system was installed, our townhouse was broken into, more than likely by the homosexual males living next door at 5275. I was only away for 35 minutes and during that time the alarm system was disarmed, the town house was broken into and brown paint splattered on the kitchen cabinets. There were also footprints on the floor.  When I retuned the door was locked and the alarm system was rearmed. See video of ADT investigation

Later we have discovered with certainty that the individuals breaking into my town house and no doubt many other town houses,  lived right next door at 5275 Jamboree.

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