Targeted Communities

See where they live and they types of homes/communities they target

FBI Involvement in Broward County

It has come to our attention that these government workers have been using sex offenders, thieves, burglars and convicted murderers to break into businesses and homes throughout the state of Florida.  This activity is extremely active in Broward, Palm Beach, Miami and Orlando.

A “participate”  of this network,  an individual previously convicted of varies crimes, produced a letter given to him by the FBI, clearing him to work as an employee for the FBI.  This “participate” or “employee” admitted to routinely breaking into homes upon orders from FBI employees  here in Broward County.

“This affects everyone because these government employees are using the public’s money to pay for their personal illegal activites.  These activities, these individuals are engaged in, are a drain on public resources.”


Where they dwell Broward County, Palm Beach, Miami and Orlando

More than likely the entire state of Florida, however these individuls are much more pervalent  in the  previously mentioned areas.

How they Break-in

Males “from the network”  will show up in the morning or afternoon in a maintenance van or an ADT security van.  The residents are not at home.  The individuals from the van will pretend like they are working or installing something.  They will break into the home and steal.  They most likely will not ransack the premises, so the owner may not know they were burglarized until days or even weeks later.  The resident may not ever realize they were robbed at all, he or she may think they have misplaced the item that were stolen.

 The thieves usually return and continue breaking in stealing varies items ranging from jewelry to toilet paper.  They usually will also vandalize the premises; spray corrosive substances on hinges, knock small dents into the walls etc.  The vandalism may not be immediately noticeable to the owner.  These individuals will attempt to make the vandalism appear as “normal wear and tear”.

 Groups of these individuals live among residents.  They are usually home all day; watching and waiting for residents to leave their homes, so that they can break into their homes.  Often they live next door or a few doors away from the unit they frequently burglarize.  These individuals also steal resident’s mail and have scam people calling offering bogus services.  They may intercept phone calls and reroute them to a fraudulent call centers, this is one of the ways they steal ID information and banking information.  For more information about these individuals, read here.

Here is some of the damage they have done to homes:

  • Tar or bleach poured on carpets
  • Screws take out of hinges
  • Curtain torn window blinds smeared and cut
  • Fixtures, appliances, hinges sprayed with corrosive substance
  • Doors nicked with holes, scratched
  • Walls; paint chipped off, finger prints, holes, dents
  • Varies items cracked or broken

see how they pick locks

And these are some of the items these individuals steal:

  • cash
  • Loose change
  • sheets/bedding
  • towels/wash cloths
  • women’s makeup
  • clothing
  • shoes
  • cameras
  • video cameras
  • computer/peripherals
  • food
  • dishes
  • silverware
  • extension cords
  • bicycles
  • hair products
  • contact lens/solution
  • checks and mail out of mail boxes
  • jewelry

They trespass in residential areas and vandalize cars at night in parking lots.  Many cars in the area have sustained major damage.  Damage, costing residents thousands of dollars.  The criminals will sometimes try to make the vandalism appear as “normal wear and tear”.

In the case of cars, the paint may be scratched and/or major damage may be done to the car underneath; something like a pipe yanked out of place or broken.  A lot of the vandalism is done gradually over time.

Other tell tell signs  

If there are females among them; you will not see the female with her children on a normal schedule.  You may see her with her children sporadically.  Follow your instincts, over time you will notice something out of sync; women with children always follow a set schedule.

Men who work to support their families always follow a schedule.  They can tell you specifically what they do for a living and will most likely mention the company they work for. They may mention their profession i.e. accountant, engineer or sales manager.  They may discuss in details what they are working on.

These thieves will lie and be vague, you may hear; “oh, I work for the city” and nothing else.  They can’t or don’t seem willing to discuss what they do for a living, in details.  They will change the subject to something unimportant or silly.  They ask odd or socially improper questions.

see where they live and they types of homes/communities they target

List of typical behaviors:

  • stalking people in traffic
  • crank calls to business establishments
  • moving into neighborhoods, breaking into homes and cars
  • use government money to pay their personal expenses (rent, gas)
  • use rapist for “jobs”
  • use sex offenders, thieves to commit crimes, pay them with (the public’s) government money
  • ID theft (may actually use imposters)
  • mortgage scams
  • operate fraudulent call centers that prey on American consumers
  • forge documents
  • tell lies, bring frivolous cases against innocent people
  • break into homes/businesses
  • steal from the elderly and handicapped people
  • block government benefits, social security, veteran’s benefits, employment etc.
  • break into cars
  • vandalize homes
  • use illegal immigrants to attack Americans

Stealing money out of bank accounts


Here is one example of how these individuals steal money out of bank accounts.  This theft is often combined with ID theft  and intercepting calls.

Past behavior and a common scenario

A suspicious charge shows up on the banking statement, a charge you do not remember making, i.e. a double charge, the same charge posted twice or a charge that was not made at all.  The person (account holder) attempts to call their bank to report or verify the charge.  This call will be intercepted and rerouted to a fraudulent call center; here scam individuals will answer the phone pretending to be the account holder’s bank.

 If the charge appears to be made by a company such as AT&T. 

When the account holder calls AT&T’s 1800 number, these individuals will again intercept the call and reroute it to their fraudulent call center. Usually the “customer service representatives” answering the phones in these fraudulent call centers are unprofessional and argumentative.  They are not able to answer basic questions about the company they claim to represent and for obvious reasons they are not able to resolve any of your complaints.

If you happen to ask the representative for additional services or to cancel service; these individuals, using ID theft, will have an imposter call the real company, (the real AT&T) pretending to be you.  This individual will ask for additional services or cancel services by pretending to be someone else. 

These individuals go through great lengths to steal.  Their goal is to infiltrate every area of a person’s (or family) life, in order to see opportunities to steal.

They will argue with the account holder, and may refuse at first to refund the fraudulent charges.  When these individuals intercept bank calls, they will refuse to dispute the charges (process the paperwork) for obvious reasons.

Sometimes the money is put back into the account, usually after a lot of screaming and threats from the account holder.

These are the times when these charges are detected by the account holder. 

Imagine these individuals are sending fraudulent charges -possible hundreds or thousands- through people’s bank accounts every day.  

Certainly, there are countless times when these fraudulent charges are not noticed by the account holder.  

 It should also be mention that, the account holder may, in these cases go to a branch bank and try to speak with a live person (representative).

It is here, that we regret to write that some of these individuals are employed at branch bank offices.  It should be noted that the reason for employing government workers at branch offices was intended to protect the bank’s interest and their employees.  After the mortgage crises, these government workers appeared in branch banking centers and many of them are corrupt.

It is not your bank’s fault

Heighten security gone awry

Many people have had their homes foreclosed on.  Some of these people are angry and they irrationally blame banks (in general).  Some of these angry individuals are government FBI workers.  These individuals are also angry or envious of people who own homes.  These government workers have been placed in positions where they have access to people’s personal information and access to the bank’s information. 

Take precautions;

  • Balance your accounts
  • Check your monthly statements
  • Get the names of the people you speak with over phone, mail your complaints, concerns to the company’s corporate office, by certified mail, and request a return signature. Include names in the letter.

A note:

If your account does not balance for a current month; new fraudulent charges may be embedded in a previous statement. 

These new charges would show up online, if you search previous statements but these same new fraudulent charges would not be printed on your paper statement, that you received months earlier.  The reason for this is because the charge is new.   The charge was placed on your account after your statement was mailed out to you.

Theft occuring in multiple ways

Also, no doubt banks are constantly being bombarded with cyber-attacks from angry people who had their homes foreclosed on.  More than likely these attacks are internal, because only a person employed on the inside would know the bank’s vulnerabilities.

The fleecing of South Florida Residents

Corrupt FBI workers/ fraudulent call centers   

These would be the individuals engaging in this type of activity.  These calls centers are located throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties (also Orlando); they are usually store front operations.  These individuals will sign a lease, occupy a rented commercial space for a few months, then suddenly move.  They are constantly moving.  They usually employ “community controlled” criminals to assist them with their illegal activities.

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