Miami Beach’s Assist chief; missing

Miami Beach’s  former assistant chief

I was introduced to Anthony Marten during my 1 year stay on South Beach. He was an excellent assistant chief, he handled a minor complaint, regarding one of his officers.  After the resolution of the incident,  we continued to stay in touch, while I lived on Miami Beach. 

During his tenure as assistant Chief, for Miami Beach,  I  like many of the residents living on Miami Beach at that time felt safe; even though during that time (and still) Miami Beach was rumored to be unsafe.  Most people know that practically every city in the World is considered to be unsafe, however while Anthony Marten was assistant chief, emergency calls were responded to swiftly, police reports were written and crimes were investigated.  His command staff were knowledgable,  responsible and very professional.  Which makes the following discovery all the more troubling.

The network of homosexuals that exists in South Florida is responsible for this: 

We have come across a situation of ID theft; we have discovered that there are people living at this address:  

1483 SE Conference Cir

Stuart, FL 34997

Pretending to be this man Anthony Marten and pretending to be members of his family.  Stuart (Martin County) police are aware of this.  Margate police are also aware of this. 

Why is there a man living in Anthony Marten’s house pretending to be Anthony Marten?

At this time it is not clear, where Mr. Marten is. 

Photos of South Beach, Miami Beach
This photo of South Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

But we do know for certain,  who is responsible for this: Dozens of homosexuals police office officers, sex offenders, government workers and street thugs living or connected to this address:  5275 Jamboree Place in Margate, Fl 33063.

The government workers (who tend to be homosexuals) who are involved in this case, will lie to the public, when asked about this situation, they pretend as though they have no information regarding the former assistant chief’s whereabouts.

A link to Margate

In 2009 males in Ft. Lauderdale police (City) uniforms move in next door to us at 5275 Jamboree Place.  These individuals also parked a Ft. Lauderdale police car in the parking lot. They were all strangers; I had never seen any of them before.

It was around this time in 2009 that I was contacted by an individual, via texting, pretending to be Mr. Marten.

The person texting me, was next door. Sitting in my bedroom I could hear the person sending me texts and I could hear when they received a text sent by me.  The walls are relatively thin.  Positive, the person texting me was right next door.

I believe  the break ins at our townhouse started several years ago, prior to 2009, I say believe because  the break ins at our town house are so much like the break ins that other residents and merchants are now facing; the thief will break in, steal but does not ransack the premises.  Also, the thief will lock the door after he leaves. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           During the time, the Ft. Lauderdale police car was parked next door to us, the break-ins at our town house actually increased exponentially.  The break-ins started happening DAILY.  The Ft. Lauderdale police car was always parked in the same spot,  next door and was rarely moved.

During the 12 months, that police car was parked next door to us, I saw two different Ft. Lauderdale Police officers on 2 separate occasions, in the parking lot, getting out of that parked police car.  I saw them only twice.

In  2009 the break-ins became obvious because items were missed and the vandalism  became apparent.  It was in 2009 that my car tires were slashed several times in the parking lot.  The vandals also deflated other residents’ tires.  This happened to many other residents living in Fiesta.  At the time,  residents thought the vandalism was random.   Later, it was discovered otherwise.


 We noticed that several more police cars (City of Ft. Lauderdale and Lauderhill) were parked throughout the complex.  During this time;  break-ins and vandalism increased throughout our complex and the adjacent  neighborhoods especially the apartment and townhouse communities. 

Margate police refused to write police reports. They refused to document the home invasions, burglaries, theft and vandalism. They claimed “kids” were responsible for the break-ins and vadalism.  This was suppose to be their justification for not writing police reports.

A detective named E. Suarez from Margate Police

Suarez was supposedly investigating the incidents of vandalism on Jamboree Place.

Like all the other workers involved (police officers, government workers (Federal and City), sex offenders, maintenance workers etc.) Officer Suarez also happens to be homosexual.

After my home was broken into I reported the break in to Margate police, Suarez was sent out. I told Suarez about the texting from a person who pretended to be Anthony Marten. I mentioned that the texting was coming from next door, where the Ft. Lauderdale police officers supposedly lived.

 We are not sure what Suarez purpose was or why he was involved, but Suarez turned out to be a liar.   He said, he would tell his chief about the situation.  Approximately 3 hours later he returned to my house and said he had a court order to have me “evaluated”.  When the “evaluation” was over, I was sent a bill that exceeded $18,000.  And that was actually a partial bill, the State of Florida would have been billed the remainder: $36,000.  

In this case, Suarez illegally invoked the act because of this situation with Anthony Marten. 

During this time as I have mentioned Ft. Lauderdale Police officers were occupying the unit (5275) right next door.  Also Margate police were occupying several units on my street.  Also a Lauderhill police car was parked at the end of our street.  It was during this time that break-ins were occurring at our address daily.

 It is not known where Anthony Marten is or what has happened to him or members of his immediate family (or it has not been officially released to the public). 

Mr. Marten and I were platonic friends.  While I was in touch with him, he had a wife.  

His wife is also unaccounted for.

This situation is a concern to the community because it is a public safety matter.

Read more about this story


Year has been corrected from 2008 to 2009.  (on  July 29, 2013)

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