Using DHS money to pay rent

It has been discovered that the homosexual individuals living at 5275 Jamboree Place in Margate Florida 33063 have been using money from the Department of Homeland Security to pay their rent at that address.

Over the last few years witnesses have seen individuals from that address breaking into nearby townhomes.

The individuals living at that address are homosexual white males. 

Crimes against Broward County residents

These individuals are guilty of racially motivated hate crimes, theft, burglaries and vandalism.  Women of all races living in Fiesta have been targeted by these individuals, as well as heterosexual men with families.

Dozens of homosexual males have lived or occupied this 5275 Jamboree Place address over the last few years.  They are always home.

Now it has been confirmed that these homosexual white males are using money from Homeland Security to pay the rent in that unit.  Also dozens of cars and trucks paid for or leased with Homeland Security money are being used by these individuals living in Fiesta.

Their method- Stealing from the public

Their way of creating “jobs” for themselves

Sneaking around and hiding in communities (using Homeland Security’s money)

A group of homosexuals “workers” will rent homes in a given neighborhood using Homeland Security’s money to pay the rent. There may be a few females in the group, with or without children.  This is their way of trying to blend in. These individuals are home all day.  They will then break into neighboring homes (and businesses), steal cars and vandalized property. 

The cycle of theft

Homeowners and legitimate renters will call their local police department and report the break-in, theft or vandalism.  Local police may or may not write a police report.  If the break-ins and theft continues and the owner of the property continues to report the crimes, the police department may say that their department does not have the resources to effectively patrol the area.

If the local police department claims not to have the resources to carry out its function i.e patrolling, investigating crimes, providing general public safety services, then this police department may request Federal money or assistance.

More Homeland security “workers” (mostly homosexuals) will be brought from other parts of the Country and sent to the area being burglarized (homosexual immigrants are also included among these “workers”).  These “workers” call the areas currently being burglarized and robbed “hot spots”.

 It is the law abiding who are targeted.

These “workers” are dispersed throughout the neighborhood currently being burglarized.  These newly dispersed “workers’ break into more homes and businesses.

The cycle continues

More homeowners, legitimate renters and business owners again complain to the local police department.  The police department may request more Federal assistance.  More of these “workers” are sent to the neighborhood followed by even more break-ins…continuing the cycle.

This is why so many homes, businesses and cars are being broken into in Broward County and these are the individuals committing these crimes.

It is the old scenario of a car mechanic breaking something under a car hood in order to create more work for himself and to keep the customer coming back.

Probably by now in Broward County most if not every law abiding citizen has been touched by this criminal activity in some way and this criminal activity and it is Homeland security’s money being used.

The homosexual white males living at 5275 Jamboree Place are certainly using Homeland security money to pay the rent at that unit. They are guilty of racially motivated hate crimes, vandalism and theft to name a few of the crimes they have committed. 

Most of these individuals  are no doubt on drugs because drug free people would not engage in this type of behavior.  Some of the items stolen by these individuals include women’s clothing, makeup, and food.  See a full list of items stolen by these individuals.

This is also the address where a Ft. Lauderdale police car was parked a couple of years ago. It was during this time when the break-ins were first discovered and this is when an individual from that address text me pretending to be Anthony Marten.

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