A proposal to cut Homeland Security’s budget (Broward County)

Check back in the coming days for a brief proposal

Points to be covered

  • Safety
  • individuals or “workers”  are a financial burden on communities
  • the use of dangerous criminals as “workers”
  • racially motivated hate crimes
  • trespassing in communities
  • break-ins
  • burglaries
  • theft
  • vandalism
  • The use of the public’s money for personal expenses
  • “Workers” not following  State and Federal laws
  • “Workers” around women and children
  • Harassing law abiding citizens
    • harassing, and attempting  to steal from homeowners/business owners
  • The use of immigrants to harass and attack Americans
  • “Worker’s” creating  chaos in communities
  • “Worker’s”  at odds with community leaders, business owners and businesses
  • Cutting wasteful spending (theft)
  • accountability
  • transparency

DHS money can be diverted to economic development

Information about Anthony Marten and his estate.


I am aware that a small budget cut has already been approved nationally.  I believe that eventually more cuts will take place.

What service is this agency providing to society? Does anyone know?

Money that could be used for building communities and businesses is being drained/stolen from the economy and used by these individuals.

On any given day in Broward County and probably throughout the State of Florida you see hundreds of these individuals roaming around on the streets and just driving (around in circles) in traffic all day. 

Crime; violence, theft and fraud is at an all time high (whether the number of police reports written, confirm this fact or not).

And these individuals are involved or the cause of most (if not all) of this criminal activity. 

These individuals stay home all day in a house or an apartment rented with Homeland Security money or they are out in stores shoplifting all day. 

Just by guessing, I would venture to say that most or all of them are on some type of drug (and not because they have a physical illness).  This is another expense that our society is paying for.

If or when this agency is completely dismantled, I think we will see a growth in new businesses locally and an expansion in already established businesses that have been providing excellent goods and services. This will probably be the case nationally.


From the diary…

Here is another area of wasteful spending, discovered.  Transgender surgeries, paid for with the public’s money.

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