The use of The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) money

Recent article about Homeland Security’s budget cuts.

While women, families and local businesses struggle to meet their financial obligations and pay their taxes, these individuals are using the public’s money to pay their personal expenses.

They are home all day, roaming through neighborhoods and idle.  They are breaking into people’s homes and businesses, stealing from Broward County residents.  They are draining Broward County’s economy.

Most of these individuals or “workers” are criminals (from jails and prisons) brought to Broward County from other parts of the country.

One such case

These individuals living at 5275 Jamboree Place in Margate Florida 33063 (Fiesta Townhomes) are a danger to the community.  There was also a report of a rapist living at that address.

They are a danger to women, children and families.

Many if not most of the units being rented in Fiesta are being paid for with Homeland Security money.  The cars these individuals are driving are also paid for with Homeland security money (and the gas too).

Fleecing the economy

The way this type of agency function is; the more money these individuals spend (or steal), the more money they can request the following year.  If they spend less than their alloted budget, then their budget may be cut the following year. Therefore there is an incentive for these individuals to continue their crimes but it is at the expense of Florida residents.  These individuals are in direct conflict with economic development and growth.

This kind of spending amounts to theft and so the only solution to this theft is to cut or shrink The Department of Homeland security’s (DHS) budget, locally.

I think most people would agree that we do not need or want hundreds of these individuals living or hiding in our neighborhoods.

When these “workers” occupy an address there is not a sign in the front yard or on the apartment door letting people know that the individual is a Homeland security “worker”.   These individuals could be doing anything in these neighborhoods.

This is also about accountability and transparency.  Most of these “workers” if you were not aware are actually ex convicts (guilty ex convicts) taken from prisons and jails.

And if you think about it, wouldn’t such signs in yards or on doors all over a neighborhood deter break-ins and theft?  This actually proves who is really committing these crimes.  Why are these “workers” hiding in neighborhoods?  Why are they not in uniforms?

These individuals are living in our communities using Homeland security’s money to pay their rent.

Money for Florida communities

Have you notice the recent commercial property vacancies in Broward County? All the empty store fronts in the shopping Plazas?

This money could be used for economic development; small business loans.   Some of this money could be used for social programs for women and children.  Instead this money-which belongs to the public- is being misused and stolen.


Where was Homeland Security when Mr. Marten was kidnapped?  Who was involved in that? Did I mention that some of these individuals were discovered or caught squatting in his house after his missing?

Also several of these “workers” were discovered squatting in his neighborhood; using the public’s money to pay their rent.  These were new homes with an estimated market price of $800,000 to 1 million at the time of contruction.

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