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We’re glad that you found your way to our community website.  We care about the safety of our community, and because we care; we are sharing information and spreading awareness about local break-ins, home invasions, vandalism and theft.   Our goal is; with this shared information, residents and business owners in Florida are able to better protect their homes, businesses and families.

On this site, we have posted and will continue to post information regarding the break-ins, home invasions, vandalism and robberies that are occurring in the South Florida area.  Below is a copy of a letter we are in the process of sending out to merchants.

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This is an open letter regarding the recent increase in theft from stores located in South Florida. A copy of this letter has been sent to the store managers of major retailers, corporate offices (retail) and small business owners.

January  21, 2016

Dear: Merchants

Before I go any further, into the details of this matter let me first mention who I am.  My name is Lilah Shahid and I have worked several years in retail, sales and management.  I am a resident of Margate, Florida in Broward County.  Currently I operate a nutrition/wellness website ( and I am in the process of becoming a yoga instructor.  I am an ordinary citizen.  And so, it is out of my responsibility as a citizen of our community that I write to you all, South Florida merchants and residents.

The purpose of this letter is to openly share information and to answer the following questions

1) Who are the individuals involved in the theft? 2) Where do these individuals live? 3) And finally, police and various government agencies involvement, how are they involved?

1) Individuals involved in the theft

a. targeted stores/malls  b. method of theft

The thieves are groups of homosexual males, who have over time developed a network.  They stay in touch with one another mainly through cell phone texting.  This network of homosexuals is far reaching, it spans over 4 counties; Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin, and probably much of the State of Florida.  Although this network is large, most law abiding men and women are not aware of it.

Also, this network is choppy and rather disorganized because of the types of people it attracts.  This network of homosexuals includes ex convicts sex offenders, homosexual police officers, maintenance workers, Federal or County government workers, security company workers and retail employees.  These homosexual males involved in this network are of various ages and practically every ethnic background; Hispanic, Black, Haitian, White etc.  This information is not intended to be discriminatory, only truthful.

Targeted stores/malls

Major retailers located in the State of Florida.

Local Malls: Boca Town Center mall( Boca Raton, FL) Aventura Mall (Miami FL)  Sawgrass Mills (Sunrise, FL) Orlando Premium Outlets (Orlando, FL) probably every single store in these malls have been targeted at some point, and is currently a target. Thieves from this network enter these stores every single day, and some are employees at these stores in various capacities i.e. loss prevention, cashiers.

Method of theft

The individuals from this network often show up in stores by the dozen, all day long.  Usually there is a steady stream of these individuals making purchases and returns (overall they return much more than they purchase).  They will attempt to distract the employees, by asking strange or odd personal questions.

The groups are extremely large; there could be hundreds of these individuals roaming a particular mall on a given day.

Even though this network is primarily homosexual, these males have included women of various ages and ethnic backgrounds; for example there could be a 75 year old white female teamed with a 45 year old Haitian male and a 32 year old white male.  Sometimes these groups have children with them.

When these individuals break into stores after hours, they tend to burglarize the establishment without ransacking the store, so the merchant may not even know they have been robbed until their inventory is counted.

I should mention that I have no experience in loss prevention and I do not know any of these individuals personally, nor is this subject a natural interest to me.  Therefore, I do not have any detailed information regarding how these individuals actually smuggle merchandise out of stores.  But I do know, with certainty that these are the people who are stealing from stores.  Also, I should mention that my townhouse was repeatedly broken into by these same individuals and this is how, I came to know the existence of this homosexual network. They also target residential areas; usually women living alone (with or without children) or men with families.

2) Where they are living

They are living throughout Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin Counties.  They are also living in Orlando. They usually rent a house or an apartment and live in male groups.  A few dozen of these individuals were and some still are living in a townhouse community called Fiesta in Margate, FL. Individuals from this homosexual network along with dozens of local police officers (from Margate and City of Ft. Lauderdale), low level government workers (from various agencies) and sex offenders are living in this area. One of their “hub” addresses is 5275 Jamboree Place, Margate, FL  33063(All of these individuals are possibly connected to DHS.)

3) Police and various government agencies involvement, (DHS) Department Homeland Security

As I have mentioned, this network is wide spread and local homosexual police officers are involved in this network.

To give an example of how homosexual officers contribute to this network; if there is a break-in, (at a store or residential), an officer who is typically a participate in this network will show up on the scene and refuse to do a police report or if one is done, important information will be misconstrued or left off the report.

This officer will likely do the following; try to deflect the blame of the theft or break-in by blaming it on children or “kids”.  Will trivialize the damage, will try to make the merchant or resident believe that the theft or break-in is a rare or isolated case.  Although these individuals from this network and possibly the officer on the scene, have been engaging in break-ins and theft for years. Many, many stores and homes have been targeted. The police officers from this network may even attempt to blame the merchant for not taking proper security precautions, by not securing their store; although it has also been discovered that individuals from security companies, such as ADT and Vector have workers who return to the very establishment where they have installed the alarm system and break into the home or business.

Government workers involvement in the homosexual network

When the individuals are Government workers they tend to be involved by bending or breaking State and Federal laws for themselves and their “acquaintances”.  These workers will try to cluster together in order to avoid taking responsibility for their individual illegal acts.

When dealing with the public, these individuals will often use a female, in an attempt to appear more credible.

Remember these are scam people and they have been bending/breaking laws and hiding for years.

They tend to be involved in the following

  • Identity theft
  • Fake ID’s
  • Stealing money out of bank accounts
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Credit Card (number) theft
  • Scams that involve the scammer proving their legitimacy by providing personal information

Since they have access to government databases, they are able to share information with their “acquaintances” on the network.  It should especially be noted that these worker are able to intercept and re route calls to fraudulent call centers. This is one possible way; these individuals can get credit card numbers and other personal information.  And of course these workers have been known to ease drop on calls, tie up lines and block calls.  Merchants should be aware of sensitive or personal information given or received over their phone lines.

These government workers within the homosexual network illegally use government resources to mask their crimes or to provide alibis for themselves or their “acquaintances” when caught in an illegal act.

I hope this letter has been helpful, if you would like more information about me, you may log on to


Lilah Shahid

The purpose of this site is to share information that affects our community.

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