Judge Michael Kaplan (Broward County)

Why Judge Michael Kaplan should be removed from the bench.

Judges are expected to use sound judgment, common sense and be in lign with the law.

Job description of a Municipal or State Judge: Judges’ duties vary depending on their jurisdictions and powers.  It is the responsibility of the judge to ensure that everyone involved in court proceedings has their legal rights protected.  When a case does not merit a jury trial, it is the job of the judge to make a verdict on the case.  They must ensure that all proceedings are fair and protect the legal rights of everyone involved.  Judges often conduct pretrial hearings to determine if the evidence warrants a trial.

Judge Kaplan has not ensured that all of the proceedings conducted by him have been fair and that the legal rights of everyone involved have been protected.  On the contrary, Judge Kaplan has a history of bias and unlawful rulings.

Judge Kaplan should be removed for the following reasons:

1. Dishonest  2. Does not follow the law  3. Uses Broward court room to confer personal favors to his “friends”  4. Uses his court position to harass Broward County residents

The following is an example of one of his past rulings:

A family had been living in Margate for over 17 years in a gated community called Fiesta Townhomes.  Over the past few years, fiesta Townhomes like many neighborhoods in Broward County has been plagued with burglaries, break-ins, vandalism and theft.  Homes, businesses and cars are routinely broken into.

It was discovered that individuals living at 5275 Jamboree Place were breaking into the neighboring unit.  There were -and still are- many complaints of homes, businesses and cars being broken into.  After local police (Margate) refused to investigate the crimes or even write police reports, a website www.thebutterflyforum.com (now www.thebutterflyforum.wordpress.com)  was put up to inform residents and business owners of the criminal activity.

Over the last couple of years, eyewitnesses witnessed one of the two incidents; males from 5275 Jamboree Place coming out of their door after members of the 5279 Jamboree Place household would leave.  Males from 5275 would break into the neighboring unit at 5279.  Witnesses have also seen individuals driving up seconds after members of the 5279 household would leave, these individuals were also seen breaking in.

We now know that these break-ins are wide spread, they are occurring throughout South Florida.  Many, many residents are now aware of these break-ins.

One afternoon, the 5279 Jamboree Place townhouse was broken into by a male, while a female member of the household was home alone.  The assailant ran out of the back glass door.  Though the assailant was captured on video, Margate police did not investigate.  Margate police did absolutely nothing.  Also late one night a male was seen by multiple neighbors walking on top of one of Fiesta’s roofs breaking into bedroom windows.  Again, Margate police was called, and again they did nothing; no report was written.  Margate police department failed to even warn residents and business owners of the wide spread break-ins.

The community website www.thebutterflyforum.com had been online for 8 months, when a female was seen roaming the parking lot on Jamboree Place.  This unknown female later claimed to know for one year, a female who resides at 5279 Jamboree Place, this unknown female also claimed to be living at 5275 Jamboree Place.

She claimed to be in need of a restraining order because the female at 5279 knocked on “her door”.  A person working in the Broward County office that issues restraining orders knew this unknown female.  The Broward County worker issued a temporary restraining order to this female who claimed to be living at 5275 Jamboree Place.

During the night, these “males” would hammer and beat against the townhouse walls.  Males from this address would also knock on the front door of the adjacent unit, and then run away.

One night at around 4 am, a member of the 5279 household was awaken, the males from 5275 was again hammering against the walls.  At 4 o’clock in the morning. This is when a member of the 5279 household went next door to the adjacent unit and knocked on the door. No one answered.  The banging and hammering against the townhouse walls continued throughout the night.

It should also be mentioned that the individuals dwelling at the 5275 Jamboree address are renting and that dozens of “males” have been seen coming and going during the day and night. That address has been occupied by Ft. Lauderdale police, sex offenders, government workers, and street thugs, all at the same time.  A Ft. Lauderdale police car was parked at that address and several of the addresses in Fiesta Townhomes.  During this time and ever since these cars appeared burglaries, theft and car break-ins have escalated in the complex.

It has recently been discovered that sex offenders, corrupt police officers (connected to DHS), government workers and “supervised” criminals have been occupying several of Fiesta Townhomes units, without the knowledge and consent of Fiesta homeowners.

Judge Kaplan would have been advised and aware of this situation. Yet he issued a restraining order to an individual who claimed to live at the 5275 Jamboree address. Judge Kaplan did not bother verifying the address of the female who claimed to be living at the 5275 address. He did not check if this female was authorized to even be on Fiesta townhomes premises.

During the hearing the Judge was informed

Here is what Judge Michael Kaplan knew:

a. The female claiming residence at 5275 did not live at that address.  b. The female claiming residence at 5275 was a complete stranger to the individuals living in the adjacent unit.  c. There was never any contact nor was there a threat of any kind.  d. That the Broward County worker who initially approved the temporary restraining order was an acquaintance of the unknown female who claimed residence at 5275 Jamboree Place.

In the unknown female’s written request for the restraining order, there was no mention of any threat, only that there was a knock on “her door”.

She clearly lied about knowing the female whom she claimed she needed a restraining order against, she lied about her address and she lied about everything else she wrote on the request.

With the aforementioned information Judge Kaplan imposed a restraining order.

The requirements for a restraining order to be issued were not met.

Can the public have faith and confidence in Judge Kaplan rulings?

How Judge Kaplan rulings affects the community:

By not following laws and standard court procedure Judge Kaplan not only encourages criminal behavior but he is a participate of criminal behavior.

When homes and businesses are robbed, this has a negative effect on economic growth as well as the quality of life for residents.  Broward County also suffers through the loss of tax revenue.

Judge Michael Kaplan rulings also contributes to the congesting of Broward County’s court system, as of September 12  this same “case”  would have been heard 4 times.

Finally his rulings creates chaos in Broward County.

Because of ruling such as this one, criminals are allow to continue to run rampant in Broward County, breaking into homes and businesses.

Judge Michael Kaplan has demonstrated a lack of common sense. With rulings such as this one; we question Judge Kaplan mental stability and his ability to serve our County as a Judge. His rulings are harmful to the community’s wellbeing.

For these reasons Judge Kaplan needs to be removed from the bench.

Read this storyfor more information on Mr. Kaplan.  This case involves alleged abuse of a minor (a 3 year old), then return to this page to sign the petition for Mr. Kaplan’s removal.

petition:  https://www.change.org/petitions/florida-attorney-general-remove-circuit-court-judge-michael-kaplan-from-broward-county-s-17th-judicial-circuit

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