Broward County’s state attorney’s office

By now, many people are aware of the fairly recent development of nepotism within Broward County’s local government jobs.  Many of the individuals employed by Broward County have relatives or “same sex acquaintances” working in other offices.

Broward County has a large population of homosexuals.  It is common knowledge that because of the nature of this particular lifestyle, these individuals tend to associate in ways that are foreign to people who are heterosexual.  As a result of this association; when there is a group of homosexuals in a given area, a “network” always forms or exists. (Later, I will upload a copy of an essay, written by Harvard U deans regarding a homosexual network discovered on that campus and what was done.)

Broward County’s state attorney’s office, may be plagued by such a network.  Within this office at least one homosexual, is in a supervisory or decision making role.  This is evident by how this office has been dealing with Broward County residents.  The authority of this office has been abused.

In this case no charges were brought

Take for example the Brown case.  This case was described as “racial discrimination”.  This includes what allegedly happened at the scene and what later took place in the Broward County state attorney’s office i.e.  that office refusal to bring charges against the individuals who attacked Mr. Brown on the scene.

Mr. Brown later died from the injuries he sustained from this attack.  Read case   See pictures of the people involved. (pictures may not display but names are listed)


If we peer closer into this case and look at the individuals who are in question (fire rescue paramedics BCFR and BSO officers), we would surely see that some of them or the one most responsible is a homosexual.

The reason why I say this is because of the Anthony Marten case.  What color was he? He was the same color and occupation as those BSO officers.  Anthony Marten was kidnapped and murdered in Broward County and no investigation was done.  Nothing.  No investigation and no charges brought.

The common link is that in both cases, homosexuals are involved and are the guilty party. This can easily be verified, and no doubt eventually it will.

Just as the homosexual employed in a supervisorial position at the State attorney’s office can be verified.

But in this case “charges” were brought.  How do we; the public, Broward County residents explain this great discrepancy in bringing charges?


A note:

A portion of (DHS) Department Homeland Security budget is allotted to local Police and Fire departments.  It is likely that (locally in Broward County) Homeland security workers are sent to local Police departments and county agencies as employees.

When these Homeland security workers are sent to Police departments they are dressed in Police uniforms and have access to Police databases/resources.  Their salaries may be paid through DHS (Broward County).

There may be a difference between these DHS workers and the officers employed by the county or city.

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